The Best Facial Hair Trimmer Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5100

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5100 is an all-in-one that is the best facial hair trimmer. It comes with seven unique attachments to give you the ability to pick and choose the exact look you want. It’s made for your beard, mustache, sideburns – all your hair on your face and head! You won’t need to purchase any other trimming supplies if you purchase the Multigroom Series 5100. It is user-friendly and delivers maximum, high performance power. It’s built to last. In terms of versatility and power, it’s an excellent facial hair trimmer on the market! You can learn more from beard trimming.


The Multigroom Series 5100’s features give users so much freedom. They can trim and style hair the way they want it. With all of the attachment heads included, it’s a whole grooming kit in one. It’s the best facial hair trimmer you’ll ever purchase! You won’t be left wanting anything more from this facial trimmer.

  • Six Unique Attachments

  1. Full-size metal trimmer: This main attachment has a wide head for increased user control. The 18 adjustable length combs (1 millimeter to 18 millimeters, increments of 1 millimeter) to give you the ability to trim your beard evenly to very specific lengths.
  2. Precision trimmer: Users are able to create details, fine lines, and contours with this very precise attachment.
  3. Nose trimmer: Say goodbye to painful nose tweezers! This attachment allows users to remove unwanted nose and ear hair pain-free.
  4. Detail foil shaver: Built for precision, the foil shaver gives users a clean finish on their cheeks and chin.
  5. Hair comb: Maintain and trim not only your facial hair, but the hair on top of your head too. It offers 18 length settings (3 millimeters to 20 millimeters, increments of 1 millimeter) so that, you can be sure to get an even trim on your head!
  6. Stubble shaver: This attachment is for men who prefer leaving a little stubble on their faces. Stubble can be trimmed to the exact length you want it. The shaver comes with 12 length settings (1 millimeter to 12 millimeters, increments of 1 millimeter).
  • Self-Sharpening Blades

The Multigroom Series 5100 has the most high-quality blades on the facial hair trimmer market. They are long-lasting. They’re self-sharpening and made of finely ground steel. Made with user comfort in mind, these round blades are very skin-friendly.

  • Turbo Boost

Sometimes, men let their beard and mustache grow a bit longer than they usually do. This case calls for an extra powerful facial trimmer. With the Turbo Boost option, users are able to power through the thickest, densest hair on their face and head.

  • Cordless Capability & Lithium-Ion Battery

The powerful lithium-ion battery gives this facial trimmer a cordless capability for on-the-go shaving. For one hour of charge, users get one hour of cordless shaving.

  • Fully Washable

The wet/dry feature allows users to simply rinse this trimmer under the faucet to easily wash it between uses.

Pros & Cons

The Multigroom Series 5100’s seven tools, cordless capability, and turbo power features make it stand out in the facial hair trimmer market. They allow users to really customize and refine the look they want. These features come with both advantages and drawbacks:

  1. Facial Trimmer Tools
    These tools offer very precise trimming. Users have reported that even harder-to-reach areas can be attended to with detail. Simply the fact that one trimmer comes with so many unique tools is exciting! Those who care about how their facial hair looks daily love it. The adjustable length settings give users an even trim and finished look. The round, thin blades minimize nicks while trimming.
    Trimmer Tools Drawbacks
    Users have reported that the fine beard trimmer may leave unshaven spots that are visibly hairy. These require many passes for a clean, finished look. While there are 18 adjustable lengths offered, the length selector doesn’t switch to different lengths smoothly. After about six, the attachment locking mechanism becomes worn out. This means attaching tools may become a hassle after prolonged use.
  2. Cordless Capability
    It’s always convenient when your trimmer can be used cordlessly. You won’t feel like you need to be stuck next to a power outlet while trimming. You’ll be able to easily pack this trimmer on short trips away from home. The Multigroom Series 5100’s battery is lithium-ion, the strongest kind on the market for trimmers. This should mean that users get the most battery life from a single charge possible.
    Cordless Capability Drawbacks
    The battery dies more quickly than advertised (in about half the time, 30 minutes). There is also no battery indicator included. Users must guess when battery is low or when charging is complete.
  3. Turbo Power
    Having the ability to increase power on your facial hair trimmer when necessary is always a plus. It helps with spots where hair tends to grow thickly and densely. The Turbo Power option on the Multigroom Series 5100 is indeed very powerful and gets the job done.
    Turbo Power Drawbacks
    Users have reported some uncomfortable pulling when using the Turbo Power setting. This is never something you want in a trimmer. Additionally, especially with the Turbo Power option on, the trimmer becomes very noisy after prolonged use.

Conclusion & Call to Action

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5100 is certainly the trimmer that meets your every need. It is powerful, versatile, and user-friendly. Users are truly able to get the professional barbershop experience in their own homes with the Multigroom Series 5100. If you want the all-in-one luxury of a trimmer that meets all your facial hair trimming needs, this is the best facial hair trimmer for you! Purchase one today – you will not regret it.

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