Shaving With an Electric Razor

Shaving with an electric razor can be an intricate task especially when a person has never used it before or always cuts himself during a shave. The sole purpose of the article is to help everyone out and get a clean hassle free shave. Without further ado, keep in mind the following points:

  • Being Prepared:

In this modern era of technology, the breed of wet and dry shavers have become outdated and have been replaced by electric shavers. Before going for a shave make sure you have the right electric shaver. Use a pre-electric alcohol base shave product to clean the electric shaver off dirt and sebum. Make sure you purchase an electric shaver that is formulated with ingredients containing Vitamin E, which will ensure the protection of your skin by reducing the irritation.

be used to remove excess hair and whisker dust off the blades. These devices are generally delicate, so don’t tap them on the edge of the sink to remove the residues of the save, rather take some time and clean it properly.

In the case of a foil shaver, make sure to replace the foil every 1-2 years which is dependent on the toughness of the user’s stubble. Most men neglect to do this and end with cuts after a long time. The exact details of the replacement of the foil come with the product itself.

  • Be Patient:

A person needs to be patient with his shaving technique especially if you are a newbie to using electric shaving. Shaving by an electric razor takes some time to master. Don’t try to rush it, else you will end up with a bad experience. The skin may take some time to get adjusted to the blade of the electric shaver. You may mild skin irritation in the beginning, but that’s ok. The above-listed points should be kept in mind while shaving so that you can have a great shaving experience and not the other way around!

Shaving With an Electric Razor
Hispanic man using an electric razor

  • Selection of Proper Angle:

While using a shaver make sure that you hold it at right angles to your face. The free hand should be used to pull the skin taught so that the facial hairs stand in upright position. Doing as such will make sure of maximum contact and an easy shave. Shaving at the right angle will not only minimize snagging of skin but also, it reduces skin irritation. Foil shavers have been known to work the best by making back and forth strokes and the rotary electric shavers should be used with circular motions.

  • Keeping the razor cool:

Shaving with an electric razor can be a daunting task. As these shavers are motorized, they may generate heat with the passage of time. It is certainly not a good news for people with sensitive skin as the heat from the shaver will lead to irritation of the skin. So it is advised to shave the sensitive areas like neck first while the shaver is still cool.  Make sure not to shave the same area over and over again.

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