Remington R8150XBCDN Men’s Electric Rotary Shaver Review

The Remington shaver is designed with lots of amazing features, it most certainly comes with well engineered and highly equipped standard elements and build parts. The Remington razor blades are beautifully designed to give you a near perfect shaving experience that you deserve. Compare to the other brand, like Braun, Philips, they have a large products in the market, but Remington brand is also alive. The razors produced by her also have many wonderful functions, and her price are real good for you. Then, let’s check Remington R8150XBCDN and learn more.

Remington R8150XBCDN men corded cordless rotary pivot electric shaver

Cutting System

Pivot And Flex Technology

The Remington electric shaver is typically engineered with a pivot and flex technology which provides you with not only a close shave, but also a completely comfortable shave. When talking about this beautiful technology, it is designed with three free flexing heads, but to make things more interesting, it also features a 360 degree free pivoting neck which enables it to easily navigate itself through difficult, tough and curved surfaces such as the neck, chin, nose and jawline area. This is a very important feature in the device, because it gives the buyer assurance that if he/she purchase the product there is assurance of a close comfortable shaving experience with this technology.

It features a flip-open head which flips open whenever you require to clean the device, makes it easier to clean the shaver.

Titanium Coated Blades

When mentioning the Remington razor, most people actually are used to buying shaver having a not too strong blade or rather to say not a long lasting material. The razor is coated with Titanium, well most people would be wondering like and so what? what is Titanium anyway? well it is strong element so to speak, It is absolutely durable and if you must know, it is long lasting as well. The blades cuts and trims hair closely than you could imagine. It is a good blade considering it doesn’t cause any skin irritation because of people with sensitive skins. It also reduces fricton in the sense that only the screens touches your face. If you want learn more, reading our foil shaver VS rotary blade review.

Pop-up Trimmer

The shaver is designed with a pop up trimmer. If you are the type that likes to keep your beards in perfect shape, well the pop-up trimmer does the great job of trimming your sideburns area just the way you would want it. You can style your moustache or trim your beards easily.

Face Adaptation

The shaver is specially engineered to specifically move with the curves of your face for maximum adaptation and delivers you with the close, thorough shave you want. The shaver follows different contours of the face for a perfect close and comfortable shave.

Battery Life

This is a major reason why most buyer decides or choose to and no to buy a specific product. The shaver is programmed with a powerful battery that powers up the shaver for at least 60 minutes with a full charge of 90 minutes. If you ask me I would say the run time is pretty impressive. The battery can last for days if not weeks depending on how often you shave. The shaver also boast a rapid 5 minute charge that gives you the comfort of having a quick shave. it powers enough charge to complete your shave incase you need to quickly shave early in the morning.

LED Display

The shaver contains a display system which is programmed to indicate battery status, when the battery is low, when the battery is fully charged. It is meant to gauge the level or status of your battery life. The display shows the minutes of run time left.



The device is designed with an angled head to prompt efficient performance and to reduce strain. The ergonomic design features a curved shape which makes it easy to handle the device so that it won’t slip off when in use. Maintains a firm grip when cleaned under a running water.

Cord or Cordless Use

The shaver maintains both corded and cordless use. You can opt to either use the shaver cordless or with corded, it is a perfect cordless electric shaver.

Water Resistant

The shaver is completely water resistant. Unlike most shavers, the Remington is designed and crafted in such a way that makes it possible for the device to be rinsed under a running water when cleaning.


  • It comes with a worldwide voltage, you don’t need to worry yourself with the volt.
  • The shaver is water resistant, so it can be rinsed under running water for easy cleaning.
  • With all these incredible design, it is not expensive to purchase.
  • It is designed a new and improved cutting system. The technology is impressive from the razor to the pivotting head.
  • It is also designed with cord or cordless use. You can opt to use any of the two.
  • It includes a charging stand as well.
  • It is made with a Titanium blade for durability. The blades are strong and long lasting.
  • It is gentle on the skin to prevent skin irritation. It gives an easy and comfortable shave.
  • It is designed with curved shape to enhance maximum handling. It will sit comfortably on your hands without the risk of dropping when in use.


  • The shaver doesn’t shave well and not as fast as expected. You have to go over the same spot over and over again.
  • You would expect this product to have a wet and dry use, unlike it’s competitors.
  • The shaver is referred to be noisy by some customers and it takes long to shave as well.
  • The cleaning system is not so great.
  • It doesn’t includes a travel pouch or guard, incase you want to take it along during your travels, if you are the type that can’t do without shaving often then you need to be careful so it won’t drop or fall off.

The Final Verdict

This product is more than fair with all its features, I think it perfectly delivers you with a high quality than its actual price. The shaver’s quality and design is absolutely improved and impressive as well.

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