Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7300 Review

The Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300 is certainly worth its cost, as it is undoubtedly the best beard trimmer or vacuum beard trimmer you will ever use! If you were once one of those people prefers the “good old traditional” non-electric razor, or if you’re someone who has always used electric trimmers and never really found one you’ve absolutely loved, this beard trimmer will be the one for you. Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7300 users have commented that they’ve found their current electric trimmers to be too messy, not precise enough, too complicated to use, or a combination of the three. Though electric trimmers should be more efficient and convenient to use,
vacuum beard trimmer
these users say they had never found one that they enjoyed using enough to recommend to their friends until they tried the BeardTrimmer 7300. It is the best beard trimmer on the market today because of its simple design, innovative clean-up system, and ease of use.


Why is the Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7300 the best beard trimmer you’ll ever find? The answer is in its special features. They all work very well, and are included in the beard trimmer because through customer feedback, these features were found to be the ones that men with beards and facial hair really do want and need on their trimmer.

  • Contour Comb: The Beard Trimmer 7300’s comb is able to contour and glide around its users face. It comes with non-scratching teeth for maximum comfort.
  • Stainless Steel, Self-Sharpening Blades: These blades are made of the finest stainless steel, and unlike other beard trimmers, they are self-sharpening. This means that you will not need to oil them nor sharpen them between uses and still get the most precise trim!
  • Stubble Comb: The stubble comb is detachable and can be used if you want to leave stubble on your face or create the classic “5 o’clock shadow.”
  • 18 Set Beard Lengths: You are able to choose their exact beard length with a built-in 18-length setting. Because these lengths lock into place after being set, you can be assured to have a perfect, evenly trimmed beard. Beard lengths range from 1 millimeter to 18 millimeters with 1 millimeter increments.
  • Convenient Display Window: The display window allows you to easily see which beard length setting they are currently on. Additionally, the display window shows battery life, as well as whether or not the battery is currently charging.
  • Vacuum Beard Trimming Collector: Unlike many other electric razors that simply collect beard trimmings, the Beard Trimmer with Vacuum 7300 comes with innovative vacuum technology that literally sucks in the hair that is being trimmed off!
  • Turbo Power: If you feel like you need extra cutting speed or vacuum suction, you simply need to push the Turbo Power Button and speed and suction will increase substantially.
  • Plug-in or Cordless Use: The BeardTrimmer 7300 can be used either cordlessly or while plugged into an electric outlet. The cordless option allows for greater mobility while trimming.
  • Quick Charge Lithium Ion Battery: The lithium-ion battery quickly charges to full charge so that the cordless option can be enabled while trimming. One hour of charge provides 75 full minutes of use.
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Pros & Cons

Though all special features of the Beard Trimmer with Vacuum 7300 work effectively, users have pinpointed three features that truly make it the best beard trimmer they have ever used. These features are its precision trimming, vacuum collection, and cordless option.

  1. Precision Trimming

Other beard trimmers do not give users as much control over the length of their beards as the Beard Trimmer 7300 does. Because the beard length setting locks securely in place and can be seen on the display screen while trimming, you will truly feel that you have more control over the device and maneuver it around your face more easily without getting scratched or trimming longer or shorter than you intend to. Additionally, you can use the stubble comb’s tip at a different angle to control the length of individual hairs – it’s that precise! Finally, while many other beard trimmers pull on your beard, you will never experience that with the Beard Trimmer 7300, even on Turbo Power mode. This mode you will find amazing. Sometimes, men let their beards get especially bushy, and on those days, you may feel like you need a bit of extra power from your beard trimmer. The Turbo Power mode will give you just that. Finally, the Beard Trimmer with Vacuum 7300 has a wider head than many other trimmers, which helps more effectively trim your beard.

  1. Vacuum Collection

Users who have used the Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7300 soon forget how they’ve ever trimmed their beards without the vacuum collection feature. If you’re a busy man, cleaning out all the beard trimmings from your sink after you’re done with a traditional non-electric trim or other electric razors is never fun and always time-consuming. Men often get lazy and leave some trimmings in the sink, which is never a good sight for wives, girlfriends, or guests! Your friends and family will agree with you that this trimmer is the best beard trimmer with vacuum because of its excellent ability to not only catch those annoying beard trimmings, but suck them into the vacuum chamber as well, resulting in much less mess!

Vacuum Collection Drawbacks

One slight drawback is that users have found the vacuum compartment to become detached at times, risking beard trimmings flying everywhere. However, by firmly pressing it into place before every trim, you can solve this problem. Additionally, the cutter unit on the Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7300 is also at risk to become jammed with stray beard trimmings, resulting in a less powerful unit. This can be remedied easily; however, as the cutter unit is easily removable and cleanable. Users have found that they only need to clean it once every two weeks.

  1. Cordless Option

If you aim to make the most of your mornings, you don’t want to spend it stuck to the sink or near an electrical power outlet. The cordless feature of the Beard Trimmer 7300 allows you to be more mobile while you’re trimming your beard. Especially with the vacuum feature, you will have extra confidence that nothing will get messy if you take advantage of the cordless feature and move around a bit. More reviews from Amazon

Cordless Option Drawback

In order for the cordless option to work, the battery needs to stay charged. However, some users found that after they charged the lithium ion battery for one hour, it didn’t stay charged for 75 minutes as promised. Instead, it stayed charged for these users for 40-50 minutes, but users commented that this was not a substantial problem, as beard trimmings do not take that long anyway. Generally, users did not feel like plugging in such an excellent beard trimmer to charge it after two or three uses was not a difficult thing to do at all.

Conclusion & Call to Action

The Beard Trimmer 7300 is an overall great beard trimmer with vacuum. It provides lots of user control and precision, no scratching or pulling, and no messy clean-up afterwards! It may seem pricier than other electric beard trimmers out there, but it is definitely worth it.
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