Philips Norelco Shaver 8100 (1250X/40 SensoTouch 3D) Electric Razor Reviews

Electric shaver reviews
Philips company is famous in rotary electric razor, it can let you feel closer and quieter than the other one. Philips Norelco Shaver 8100 which formerly called 1250X/40 SensoTouch 3D, can give you an excellent shaving experience. Philips Norelco brand is popular in the rotary razor, it has a large market share. People who have used gave highly valued. Why Norelco shaver 8100 is so remarkable? In my electric razor reviews, I will tell you the reason. Norelco shaver 8100 is integrated many new technologies by Philips engineers that are about rotary shavers. All targets are providing you an excellently smooth and close shave. I will tell you the meaning of every feature, pros and cons, customer feedback.

Wet or dry, Smooth and Close Shave

Due to the AquaTec technology, you can use your shaver by wet or dry method. As a matter of fact, AquaTec means the designer use high quality seal to prevent water immerse into the shaver. For wet shave, you should use gel or foam to protect your skin and get smooth shave easily. The Philips official website says it can be used in the shower. But I don’t recommend you, there is a professional razor for you shaving the shower. The name is Braun WaterFlex. The SkinGlide technology can make the shaving surface be smooth and close shave, The Super Life & Cut dual blades system can help you lift your hairs to cut comfortably, this action is below your skin level, so you will feel a closer shave than the other shaver.

Practical Technology on Shaving Head

Philips Norelco shaver 8100 has two practical technologies on shaving heads, they are UltraTrack, GyroFlex 3D system. UltraTrack heads can promote your shaver cut every hair in every stroke, the head has three unique shaving tracks, they can help you cut the longest or shortest stubble, it gives you high efficient shave and saves your time. GyroFlex 3D system is designed by three dynamic parts, they are tilting inward, independently, pivoting around and flexing outward that is contour-following shaver. Depend on this feature, shaver 8100 can follow your face contours closely. Moustache and sideburn trimming can get perfectly, because the skin-friendly trimmer is precise and can avoid redundant skin contact.

Charging, Voltage and Other Details

The Lithium-Ion cordless battery of shaver 8100 can supply you 50 minutes in the full charging, every full charging time is one hour. The rapid charging system can let you finish your full shave with just three minutes charging time. Shaver 8100 can adjust the voltage from 100V to 240V AC, 50Hz to 60 Hz. This is a worldwide voltage, it’s a good trip companion all of country. The engineers design storage pouch, protective cap and a travel lock to help you take it on your busy or leisure trip. There is a beautiful display to show you how much energy remains in the battery source and what’s the time you need replace the shaver blades. In my viewpoint, this function is practical and intelligent.

I believe you have taken time to finish read the product features, thank you for your work. In the next step, I want introduce you the pros and cons about shaver 8100. Now, let’ s take a look.

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  • Very Quick Shaver

Shaver 8100 is applied by practical technology on shaving head, which I have mentioned you. As a user, I think the rapid electric shaver can help you save time. After all, time is money.

  • Quiet Electric Shaver

Compared to the foil shaver, shaver 8100 is a rotary shaver that is quieter than a foil shaver. Philips is a professional producer in the rotary shaver area.

  • Very Close Shaver

Depend on the new technology from shaver 8100, it’s a real close shaver for your skin. It’s smooth for your skin.

  • Wet and Dry Shaver

You can use this shaver by wet or dry mode, anyway you want. It’s convenient for you.


  • Sensitive Skin Unavailable

Maybe, some redness spots are on your skin if you use shaver 8100. I think shaver 8100 lift your stubble to cut, that may let you feel a little hurt at first time. However, the Philips Norelco electric shaver 7300 is good at solving your problem about sensitive skin.

  • Not Cheap

I think Norelco shaver 8100 is a little expensive, but the price from Amazon is good. You can check the latest price from e-market, like Amazon.

The Final Verdict

There are pros and cons from the market, most people think this shaver is worthy to buy. Even a little design imperfection is from this shaver. Philips Norelco Shaver 8100 has a perfect seller from Amazon, and you can check more customer reviews from Amazon. More reviews from Amazon

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