Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Review 9700

The best Philips Norelco electric shaver are designed to provide you with an excellent performance with their close, smooth and comfortable shave, it can give you the best experience from the use of highly impressive and advanced technology. Due to its price, we don’t recommend you highly. But if you didn’t consider its high price, you can try it. We all know that a money of a stock is real truth. Checking our reviews about Philips Norelco electric razor 9700, you will get the answer.
Philips Norelco Shaver 9700


V Track Precision Blades

When you talking about the V-track blades it’s a precision blade which when used captures each and every hair, the blade comes in contact with regardless of length of hair. They are V-shaped blades, that do not like flat blades can not give you the closest shave. The V-track precision technology offers a contour detect technology, which allows three shaving heads to move around and not just only move around, but in a unique eight different directions to give you a smooth and comfortable shave. The blade is also equipped with the technology to self sharpen itself after shave to give you the best possible shave you imagined.

Wet and Dry Shaving

When taking into consideration one of the qualities that make the Phillips Norelco razor a great option for shaving above all other standard electric shaver, that is the ability of the razor to be used in two different modes. You can opt to use the shaver in dry shave or more refreshing in a wet shave with cream. It can also be used under the shower if perhaps you like to do two things at a time.

60 Minutes of Shaving Time

The shaver is designed to give you a cordless charging mode so as reduce harm when you shave under a shower or with water. The shaver comes with a strong and long lasting lithium-ion battery which gives you a longer shave with each recharge. It also includes a five minute quick recharge which fires enough power for one shave.

Separate Cleaning and Charging Unit

The Philips electric razor new series is upgraded with the advantage of a separated cleaning unit from the charging unit. The shaver has a cleaning cartridge for the smart clean system which allows you to easily clean, lubricate and refresh your shaver after use.

Smart Clean System

The smart clean system is first system which is effectively used in cleaning a shaver after use. It is a unique system that does four different functions, it cleans, dries, lubricates, and charges the razor. The active lubricant is used to reduce wear and tear on blades so as to keep your blade in top condition.

Speed Setting

You can choose to customize your shave with the three speed settings available, for a rather gentle shave for a sensitive skin not to cause irritation you can go slow, for a absolute everyday shave you choose the normal setting and if you decide to have a very quick shave you use the fast setting.

Premium User Interface

The advanced premium interface allows you to get the best possible performance out of your shaver. The interface is tasked with the responsibility of displaying battery level indicator, it includes big and easy to read numbers, it displays the percentage of the battery along with the light bar to make it easy to read. It also shows the battery low indicator, cleaning indicator, replacement head indicator and also the travel lock indicator.

Smart Click Precision Trimmer

It includes a smart click precision trimmer for people who like to keep their moustache intact, click on the precision trimmer so that the shaving head can shape your moustache perfectly and trim your side burns.

The shaver comes with a carrying case which was designed with less space and also a built in ventilation chamber for drying of the shaver when packed in the case.

Another aspect that make the shaver unique is the design, which makes the Phillips electric razor a very easy and comfortable shaver to use. The upgrade of technology made the shaver user friendly and more safer for use.

One of the great advantage of the Phillips Norelco razor is that it gives a close shave which has surpassed many expectations of the users.


  • The shaver functions in hard to reach areas like around the mouth and below the nose when trimming the moustache and side burns.
  • The shaver gives a close and comfortable shave, it shaves smoothly without causing any skin irritation due to use of highly impressive technologies.
  • The sharp and powerful blade will provide you with a close and quick shave in a single stroke giving you the required result. You only need a few minutes for a clean and smooth shave.
  • The shaver may look heavy but it is extremely light in weight for easy handling during shaving.
  • The shaver also possess anti-slip grip for easy and comfortable handling when using the shaver in the shower or when wet.
  • The shaver provides you with that perfect precision you want when trimming your moustache or sideburns.
  • It also gives the flexibility of using the device when wet or dry.
  • The shaver unlike other standard shaver produces less noise when operating. It gives minimal sound when in use.


  • This shaver unlike most standard shaver cannot be used while it is being charged.
  • The shaver smart clean system takes too long to dry.
  • The complex design makes it tedious when attempting to clean the device manually.
  • The head changing can be inconvenient for users as the most users would have wanted the shaver to have a built in trimmer instead.

Final Verdict

If you are considering the Philips Norelco electric shaver and you are hesitating or still undecided whether to purchase the shaver due to its huge price, well you don’t need to think further if you certainly want quality then you should not be bothered about the price. After analyzing the components and features of this device the conclusion is rather straight forward, if you don’t mind the amount of Phillips electric razor which is one of the best option you can get.


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