Panasonic razor ES8103S review

panasonic razor
Every electric razor manufacture has its unique technology that is applied on the shaver. The head of ES8103S Panasonic razor is a good function, it’s flexible to trace the contours of your chin, face, neck and jaw. So it’s good at shaving hard-reach area, like your neck and chin. This shaver has a high ratings and reviews from the market, now let’s research on it. ES8103S is men’s electric razor, all designs are for men. In this review, I will tell you all excellent features for you. After that, I
believe you will get to know ES8103S razor about pros and cons.

Flexible head, Nanotech blades and rapid motor

ES8103S electric razor has a flexible head, I have mentioned you the head is pivoting, it can improve your shaving efficiency. Blades are very important for the electric razor, ES8103S is stainless blades with 30 degree angle. We call this Nanotech blades, it can provide you precise shave, the material is hypoallergenic to protect your skin. The rapid linear motor can strike 13,000 CPM ( cycles per minute ), this feature does a big favor on saving your time.

Floating blades and precise long trimmer

Multi-Fit Arc floating blades are independent with three floating blades, you just use comfort pressure on your shaving area, it can let you feel a wonderful shave experience. It also takes a trimmer that is pop-up, it can trim your sideburns or mustache where are long hairs. Due to pop-up design, you can tuck away it when you finish your grooming.

100% washable and sonic vibration cleaning, wet or dry way, LCD display

When you finish your shave, you can remove the foil to clean the blades, and choose turbo mode to renew by running water. The sonic vibration can effect sonic wave to improve the cleaning efficiency. It supports wet or dry way, you can use shaving gel or foam with wet shave. Dry shave is rapid for your morning shave time. Digital display can indicate how much energy, tell you when you should clean and which mode you are choosing.

Now, let’s check the pros and cons about this Panasonic razor.

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1.Amazing head and rapid motor

I have mentioned that the head is pivoting, this feature is good for your shave. And the linear motor driver is powerful.

2.Excellent blades and pop-up trimmer

The blades are excellent, it can cut more hair in every stroke, and you can pop up the trimmer to trim, this is convenient.

3.Sonic wave to clean

Although it don’t have automatic cleaning system, but it has sonic technology that can effect sonic wave to clean your razor. In my viewpoint, it can help you more compare to others.


1.A little weak feedback

Men who have used this razor give a little weak feedback about the quality from e-market, maybe they don’t use it under the manual instruction.

Final Verdict

ES8103S electric razor has so many function to help you shave, and the price is not expensive. This is Panasonic razor, So I recommend you, you can also get more different reviews from Amazon. More reviews from Amazon

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