Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver Review

The Panasonic Es-LA93-K Arc4 is designed with great unique quality to produce a clean, close and smooth shave. The men’s electric shaver boast some fine specifications. The Panasonic Es-LA93-K Arc4 is designed with a features of stainless steel foil and it is a  micro-thin device which is used to lift and hold whiskers. The men’s electric shaver comes with four super-sharp razor blades having a 30-degree-honed Micro-fit feature which allows it to cut hair neatly at the base for a close, perfect shave. The men’s electric shaver delivers a high-performance shaving, with precision and reduces time as well. The blades and foil are hypoallergenic and are engineered to shave gently especially when it comes in contact with a sensitive skin.
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet and Dry Shaver

Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

Panasonic Es-LA93-K Arc4 is engineered with a Multi-Flex active head that provides a smooth, comfortable and uniform motion along each of the individual curves of the face. It is perfected to shave difficult areas around the jaw line, neck and head while also producing maximum clean and comfortable shave, making the Panasonic ES-LA93-K probably one of the best, if not the best bald head shaver. It has a precision shaving trimmer, if you want to style or trim your mustaches and sideburns areas, it is the perfect shaver for the job.

Multi-fit Arc Blades

The men’s electric shaver head is designed with a curved shape, which allows the shaver to glide uniformly over the tough areas like the chin and along the jaw line. The shaver’s Arc4 Foil gives the head a freedom to move in a circular motion. It is a good business for individuals used to a rotary shaver.

30-Degree Nanotech Blades

One the main beauty of the Panasonic ES-LA93 Arc4 shaver is that the blades are forged and honed to an acute 30° cutting edge to cut like never before with more efficiency and a clean shave at the hair root. The typically designed hypoallergenic razor and foils produce a soothing relief and a perfect job.

Wet and Dry Use

The razor features a wet and dry use, If you the type that don’t like to waste time or you have an important appointment to meet you can just shave dry while the premium device also offers the option to using it in a wet shaving. The Panasonic understands that some people love the idea of being able to do two things almost at the same time, for a soothing and refreshing shave in shower is more appealing to majority of individuals. You can opt to use shaving cream or gel for a faster close and gentle shave.

Powerful Linear Motor

It just keeps getting better if you consider the fact that the shaver is fast and quiet when in use because it is powered by a high-performance linear motor which is designed to shave at speeds of 14,000 cycles per minute (CPM), and ensure that the electric blades produces great performance throughout the shaver’s battery life. unlike it competitors who runs on a 10,000 CPM, the cordless electric shaver operates nearly 1.5 times faster than those compared with, with as much as twice the cutting force they have.

High Performance

The outstanding device is credited to maintain a top notch performance until the end of the battery charge and all through the battery life of the cordless razors. It is programmed to maintain, ensure a consistently close, smooth and comfortable shave. It is also features a universal voltage conversion and comes with a travel lock so that you won’t accidentally turn the device especially during travels.

Cleaning and Charging Station

The Panasonic Arc4 electric shaver is designed for both wet and dry use, making it easy to simply wash the blades or rinse it under a running water. With the sonic vibration cleaning mode it automatically cleans and charge and charge the shaver at the same time. If you want to clean the cordless shaver simply put it on the cleaning mode where it automatically do the rest for you to be ready for the next shave.

Popup Trimmer

The pop-up trimmer is great opportunity for grooming your difficult to reach areas of the face like the moustache or sideburns. All you need to do is pop up when you are ready to use and tuck away after shaving.

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  • The unique cordless shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaving.
  • The shaver is designed with a 30 degree Nanotech blades for a smooth, gentle and comfortable shaving experience.
  • The design is classic and a pure beauty to sight with an ergonomic grip so that it won’t slip off when used under shower or rinsed under running water. It features a solid material construction along with an illuminated surfaces.
  • The shaver’s closeness appears to be an incredibly important aspect of the shaver with many buyers demanding for a close shaving experience and the cordless shaver didn’t disappoint by delivering a superb results, while using s thin outer foil and the hypoallergenic razor maintains a 30-degree angle.
  • This shaver is programmed to handle the different curves of your face, because of its flexible pivoting head.
  • It also features a bright LCD display, travel lock switch for travels and a pop up trimmer.
  • The shaver is also known to be gentle on the skin and the shaving head is specially designed not cause skin irritation for individuals who have sensitive.
  • It happens to be the fastest motor in market.
  • It produces a fast shave because of the linear and dual motor and use of 4 blades.
  • It delivers a soothing comfortable shave and also a high quality product which can last for longer period of time.


  • This cordless electric shaver surprisingly unlike most of its competitors does not have a quick-charge option.
  • The device is slightly heavy to use.

The Final Verdict

If you ask me, I would probably tell you that you won’t get anything better than this from an electric shaver, this shaver offers the premium quality needed to completely and totally optimize and upgrade your shaving experience. More Reviews From Amazon

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