Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA63-S Arc4 Wet and Dry Shaver Review

Panasonic electric shaver is a great brand, it’s recognized by electric shaver users. I believe you absolutely want know what’s the features of ES-LA63-S? There are many practical functions for your shave. Such as, checking the title of this article, you will get wet dry shaver, which is the most important feature about it. Dual-motor ( one is by horizontal oscillation, the other one is by vertical oscillation ) shaving system I think it is good for saving your time, they are quickness and

panasonic electric shaver
sharpness. Now, let’s take a look at more features about Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4. It is cost-efficient electric shaver for you. This is a dual-motor cutting shaver with 4-blade. It can follow your facial contours, the pivoting shaving head can reach all areas that we call it with the name of hard-reach, like your chin and jaw area. There are many excellent features that I want introduce you from my Panasonic shaver review. Now, let’s research it together to learn more.

Strong and healthy blades, pivoting head, built-in trimmer

We can get Arc4 from the name of ES-LA-63-S Ar4. Arc4 shaving system means it makes up by four super sharp stainless-steel blades, they are 30-degree micro-fit. This technology can improve your shaving efficiency, both blades and foils are healthy for you, it can provide deep impression for sensitive men. It features with pivoting head, you don’t worry that you should adjust the direction of its head, because it can trace your facial contour automatically. It has a built-in trimmer which is precise and rapid. It can trim your sideburns and mustache easily.

Super performance linear motor, wet or dry shave

Why I call the linear motor is super? The speed of the motor is 14,000 CPM. The meaning of CPM is cycles per minute. The speed is so fast, it can provide you a cleaner and smoother shave. On the other hand, it can give you stronger cutting force. Wet or dry shave, you can choose easily. Not only you can shave by convenient and rapid dry shave, but also you can shave by smooth and clean wet shave. When you choose wet shave, you can use gel or foam. It’s a 100% washable wet dry shaver, that can support you shave in the shower.

Take it easy for travel

The voltage of this electric shaver is universal, you can recharge it in all of the world, there is a travel pouch that can protect your wet dry shaver in the luggage.

These are the main features of ES-LA63-S Arc4 wet dry shaver. Now, let’s research the pros and cons from my Panasonic shaver review.

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1. Fast, close and smooth shaver

These features I have mentioned you, you can feel that when you use it to shave.

2.Wet dry shaver, shave in the shower

If you are finding wet dry shaver, Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA63-S Arc4 is the right one for you, and it also can support shave in the shower.

3.Dual-motor shaving system

This dual-motor shaving system can give you stronger shaving force that can cut the stubble absolutely.


1.No automatic clean and charge station

This wet dry shaver don’t have automatic clean and charge station, if you clean it, you should do it by yourself. However, I can recommend you Braun series 7 790cc instead, which has automatic station.

2.Large shaver head

The shaver head is large, so it’s a little difficult to shave precisely.

Final verdict

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA63-S Arc4 is an excellent wet dry shaver, I write this Panasonic shaver review to help you, I highly recommend you, it’s a popular shaver in Amazon. More reviews from Amazon

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