Conair GMT900 I-Stubble Trimmer Review

The shaver has the finest styling edge to give you perfect smooth and clean cut you need. It features the most advanced tools you need in stubble trimmer.

Conair’s men I-Stubble beard trimmer is a total win for men who like to keep their beard intact and the best beard trimmer review out there.


Advanced Blade Trimmer

The Conair’s men I-Stubble beard trimmer is designed with an advanced blade technology that gives you a perfect smooth trimming that you deserve. The blade is electro-chemically formed with high durability and extreme sharpness using stainless steel blades for a super smooth trimming. The blades features a super stubble that gives you the freedom to use to blade after removing the comb to give you perfect line trimming. The shaver is designed with extreme accuracy and it’s safe to use on sensitive skin as it does not cause skin irritation.

Battery Life

The trimmer is designed with a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you a strong cordless use for 45 minutes while it fully charge in 4 hours. The shaver also powers up a rapid charge for a single super stubble trim. The trimmer however charges rapidly when plugged.

Advanced Ultra Flexing Head

This advanced shaver is designed with an ultra flexing head that follows the contours of the human face. It features the ultra precise adjustments for ultimate length control. The flex head tracks the contour of your face for a clean and smooth look after every use.

Ultra Precise Setting

The trimmer provides ultimate stubble control with a design known as the 15 ultra precise setting. If you are the type that likes to keep your beards intact, well the ultra precise setting helps you keep your preferred style intact. If you are looking for a short beard look or long beard look then the I-Stubble gives you the ultimate control. The sharp razor feature of I-Stubble provides extreme accuracy and sharpness . The trimmer gives you a precise adjustment from 0.4mm-5mm through the electronic motorized length control.

LED Display

The trimmer features LED display which allows you to view your preferred settings or the settings being selected, it displays battery level as well. It informs you when you need to plug your trimmer when the battery level is low and when you need to unplug your trimmer when the battery is fully charged.


  • The trimmer provides you with a precise length stumble and the perfect 5 o’clock shadow is achieved by this shaver with ease. The shaver’s length could be adjusted form 0.4mm-5mm for a perfect length control.
  • The blade are specially designed using electro-chemically formed stainless steel to give the blades an extreme high quality sharpness due to the use of high technology to achieve a standard unmatched by other brands.
  • The specially designed has a protective comb that is removable for easy use and cleaning.
  • The system provides you with a rapid charging system which delivers quick charge for a convenient use.
  • The battery even at low level delivers high performance cordless use.
  • The advanced floating head makes it easy for the trimmer to track the contour of the human face for a perfect accuracy.
  • The LED screen does not only displays the battery level but the selected setting or trimming length.
  • It has a length setting memory which stores the last setting you use and returns to the last setting again when you turn it on for a regular stubble shave. The razor is designed to stop work if by mistake you accidentally hit the up or down arrow while shaving.


  • The design of the trimmer has flaw as well, unlike other brands that has an anti-slip grip which makes the trimmer easy to grip. When using this trimmer you should hold it tightly so that it won’t slip from your hands.
  • This trimmer can not be used in wet mode, this is not convenient for men like wet and dry.

The Verdict

This is the best beard trimmer review you just needed to give you the helpful information you needed to know.

This trimmer absolutely has amazing features that will propel an individual to purchase it especially considering the fact that the trimmer is not expensive to purchase. Absolutely one of the best beard trimmer in recent times.

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