Braun vs Norelco vs Panasonic, Who is the best?

The Braun vs Norelco vs Panasonic shaver are crafted with masterpiece with different impressive features among them. They are quality shavers known for fast, clean and comfortable shave. However, the shavers have different features that separates what individual needed in their shavers. For more, let’s take a look and check the comparison table.

Braun vs Norelco vs Panasonic

Shaving Blades

The Braun series 9 is fully designed with a SyncroSonic technology, this amazing technology comprises of 4 unique shaving head. The functions include the following; for cutting hair more closely than any other shaver, for a direct cutting of hair which are growing in different directions, for cutting of the flat lying hairs and also for cutting hair in quick succession than any other shaver.

The Norelco V-track precision technology offers a contour detect technology, which allows three shaving heads to move around and not just only move around, but it can be from eight unique and different direction. However, it does not like flat blades, V-shaped can give you more closer to your skin.

The Panasonic on the other hand are designed with different blade styles according to different series and how costly the shavers are. There are 2 or double blades head which seems to be the lowest of the series not as fast as others, there are also the 3 blades style with more improvements than the double blades, the 4 blades type which is also a step up from 3 blades and also the 5 blades system which seems to be the most advanced of the four grades.

Wet and Dry Shaving

The Braun series 9 includes dry and wet models, the wet models can be used with or without cream. Whatever you want, it can satisfy your need.

Both the two Norelco series of 9000 utilize the AquaTec wet and dry shave. You can opt to use the shaver in dry shave or more refreshing in a wet shave with cream or not to give you a wonderful shave.

While the Panasonic also have shavers which can be used wet with or without cream&gel. Of course, you can also work well using it in dry shaving, however the Panasonic have series that can only work for dry usage.

Battery Life

The Braun shaver did certainly enough to produce a powerful lithium-ion battery that runs for about 50 minutes with an hour charge. It also includes a 5 minutes charge for a quick shave.

The Norelco shaver is designed with a strong and long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which gives you 60 minutes of long shave with an hour charge. It also includes a five-minute quick recharge which fires enough power for one shave.

While the Panasonic is designed to give you a fast and long shaving with a run time of 45 minutes after one hour of charging.

Cleaning and Charging Unit

The Braun series 9 has a unique feature that allows it not to only clean but charge, lubricates and also dries the shaver. It only takes about 5 minutes for the shaver to completely clean and dries up the shaver.

The Norelco electric razor new series is upgraded with the advantage of a separate cleaning unit from the charging unit. The shaver has a cleaning cartridge for the smart clean system which allows you to easily clean, lubricate and refresh your shaver after use.

And the Panasonic produces a three in one station with cleaning, conditioning and charging all combined in a station. The station are inserted with packs of detergent to further help the cleaning mode.

Precision Trimmer

The Braun Series is designed with a precision trimmer, the trimmer will allow you to get around the corners of the moustache and trim it with ease.

Norelco series includes a smart click precision trimmer that can shape your moustache perfectly and trim your side burns areas.

Panasonic also features a standard trimmer which is used in trimming beard, to trim hairs in flat and difficult areas like the moustache and sideburns.


  • The Braun vs Norelco vs Panasonic depend mainly on individual taste like the Braun system is very flexible with multi head lock which allows it not only to cut closely but also lock the head in 5 different positions. The Norelco on the other hand has three different speed settings, slow, normal and fast shave while Panasonic has a multi flex pivoting head which allows the head to follow the contour of your face.
  • Three brands are known to give a clean, close shave that complete wipes off the unwanted hairs  growing on different sides of your face.


  • The Braun vs Norelco vs Panasonic is a reasonable argument when you consider the fact that the three are quite expensive to purchase with their respective mammoth price. One thing they all have in common is the high price.

For your quick pick, we have supply you a comparison table.

  • High-end Comparison

Electric ShaverBraun Series 9 9090cc
braun series 9090cc foil shaver
Philips Norelco Shaver 9700

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet and Dry Shaver
TypeFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & WetRotary Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & Wet
Cleaning StationYesYesYes
Features4 Unique Shaving Head
Flat Lying Hairs
Close Shave
V Track Precision Blades
Very Close Shave
Sensitive Skin
The Jaw Line, Neck and Head
An Acute 30° Cutting Edge
A High-Performance Linear Motor
ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth Reviews
  • Mid-range Comparison

    Electric ShaversBraun Series 7 790cc
    top electric shaver review 790cc
    Philips Norelco 8900
    Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 Review
    Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5
    Panasonic ES-LV-81-K men's electric razor
    TypeFoil Electric Shaver, Dry
    Rotary Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & Wet
    Cleaning StationYes YesYes
    FeaturesMore than 10,000 Micro-Vibrations
    Capture More Hair and Cut Deeply
    V-Track Precision
    8 Different Directions
    Sensitive Skin
    Multi Flex Pivoting Head
    Nanotech Blades
    Linear Motor
    ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth Reviews
  • Entry-level Comparison

    Electric ShaversBraun Series 3 340S
    electric shaver for man Braun 340s
    Philips Norelco shaver 6100

    Phillips electric razor 6100
    Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4
    Remington F5 5800
    remington electric shaver f5 5800
    TypeFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & WetRotary Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & Wet
    Cleaning StationNoNoNoNo
    Cut More Hair in Every Stroke
    Precise Trimmer
    Comfortably Shaves
    Close, Precise and Smooth
    The Sideburn Trimmer
    Strong and Healthy Blades
    Pivoting Head
    Super Performance Linear Motor
    Corded and Cordless
    Beautiful Price
    Intercept Shaving Technology
    ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth Reviews


This product won’t possibly return your money back to you if missing a deadline, but they will certainly produce you with a service that you will undoubtedly enjoy and will optimize your experience to the highest level.

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