Braun Series 9 9090cc

The Braun Series is publicly regarded as the best shaving brand out there. The brand produces electric shavers with impeccable features that gives a fast, clean and comfortable shave. Only talking about advance technology and functions, we think the best Braun electric shaver is Braun series 9 9090cc. Reading this review, you will get the answer you want. Yes, it is.
braun series 9 9090cc

High-tech Features

The SyncroSonic Technology

The Braun series 9 9090cc is fully designed with a SyncroSonic technology. This amazing technology comprises of 4 unique shaving head. Its heads can perform different functions. They are in different operations of shaving to use. The functions include the following: cutting hair more closely than any other shaver, a direct cutting of hair which are growing in different directions, for cutting of the flat lying hairs and also for cutting hair in quick succession than any other shaver.

Advance Cleaning And Charging Functions

The Braun series 9 9090cc has a unique feature that allows it not to only clean but charge, lubricates and also dries the shaver. Unlike other shavers, the Braun series can perform more than a function by pressing a particular button on the device. The cleaning and charging stations can let your shavers ready for immediate use. To clean and dry up your shavers completely, it only takes about 5 minutes. The station contains a cartridge which will need to be changed after a specific period of time.

Flexible Shaving System

The Braun series 9 9090cc possess flexible shaving elements which allows the shaver to cut more closely and have increased contact. It is possibly adapt more closely to the skin and also to maintain maximum shaving results.

Fully Waterproof

This particular series have waterproof qualities. It was designed to be submerged at least up to 5 meters without having any drastic effect on the shaver. You can wash or rinse under tap water after use.

Multi-function Use

Precision Trimmer

There is a precision trimmer design, in case you have to wake up early in the morning. You need to trim your moustache while being in a hurry. The precision trimmer will allow you to get around the corners of the moustache and trim it easily. It was designed to trim and shape sideburns and hair at difficult areas like the moustache underneath the nose for a more precise result.

Dry and Wet Use

If you feel the need to complete your shaving while doing something else like taking your bath under a shower, you can use when wet with or without cream. You don’t have to always use it when wet as it works perfectly when dry as well. The shaver can be used during travels when you have important needs or meetings to attend.

Battery Life

The Braun shaver did certainly enough to produce a powerful lithium-ion battery that runs for about 50 minutes with an hour charge. There are case where you are not true with shaving and you just few minutes to complete your shaving, it can be easily charged for 5 minutes and complete your shaving using quick charge.

Multi Head Lock

This features make it easy to shave difficult and hard to reach areas of the face like underneath the nose and above the mouth areas, it locks the head of foil shaver in 5 different positions for a thorough shave.

Grip Zone

This is the area of the device where the Braun signature is placed, it can increase the handling safety of the shaver while wet.

The LED Display

LED shows or displays information like the hygiene status, the battery status and the travel lock indicator, we have a review about three best travel electric shavers.


  • The shaver is designed to navigate around contours for maximum skin contact.
  • It is with impressive shaving elements that cut closely hairs in different direction for a better shaving results.
  • Braun 9090cc unlike most shaver is water proof meaning it is not affected by water.
  • It has a travel pouch box if you are the type that travels a lot for different purpose, you can certainly carry along your shaver with you using the travel pouch.
  • Apart from the fact that this shaver has a clean and charge system it also includes a cleaning brush to complement the cleaning station.
    It also uses a smart plug for users safety.
  • The model includes a auto clean system.
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  • The shaver is quite expensive to purchase which often turn away most people from purchasing due to it mammoth price tag.
  • The clean and charge station should be placed on flat surface to avoid leakage of cleaning fluid.
  • The shaver contains a cleaning cartridge which may be inflammable so avoid contact with sources of inflammation like direct sunlight or fire.
  • The shaver build and body is big and heavy not making it a good fit for handling.

The Final Conclusion

Braun 9090cc has extremely impressive features that makes the foil shaver the best you could possibly get out there. The price certainly is expensive but the shaver makes up for the heavy price. If I do not consider with the price, It is the best Braun electric shaver. Of course, you will certainly get a service which is worth the money paid to purchase the shaver. Check the latest price from Amazonbest electric shaver

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