Braun Series 7 760cc Foil Shaver Review

The Braun series 7 760cc is one of the most exciting Braun foil shaver, which is designed by intelligent technology, and gives you a comfortable shaving experience.

It has been reviewed as smart electric shaver, there are a large fans who like to shave with it. I will tell you why. Let’s check the features to learn more.

Braun Series 7 760cc

The Most Important Features

Smart Sonic Technology

The Braun Series 7 760cc is designed with an impressive sonic technology. It follows the contours of your face and is able to adapt to the style or shape of your beard. The Braun foil shaver produces 10,000 micro vibrations each minute, which delivers a close and neat shave that captures more hair at once.

Shaving Modes

The 760cc is designed with 3 personalized modes for a thorough shave. The Braun foil shaver introduced different modes which consist of Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive modes for different facial zones. It provides you with the perfect option you need to deliver you a thorough shave. This Braun foil shaver has three different modes, so you opt for anyone suitable for your skin. It has the extra-sensitive, normal, and intensive, which gives you the freedom to use whichever pleases you.

Active Lift Technology

The Braun 7 760cc is a dynamic foil shaver which provides a solution to man toughest scenario when it comes to shaving, many people find it hard to shave some areas especially difficult to reach areas around the neck where flat lying hairs are often a frequent scenario. The Braun foil shaver is specially designed to solve the problem and bring a solution to the task. The ‘Active Lift’ technology is specially engineered with an oscillating middle trimmer, the Braun’s patented technology can make up to 10,000 micro vibrations per minute so as to lift and cut hairs that are lying flat on the skin.

Use of an Advanced OptiFoil

The foil shaver is ergonomically designed to adapt and effectively capture hairs. Those are scattered everywhere on the foil to give a more thorough and deep cut that will deliver you with a nice and close shave exactly the way you want it.

Flexible Shaving System

Well if you are the type that loves a fully flexible shaving system, then you don’t have to look farther as Braun have discovered a combination of a unique of a pivoting head with 3 different modes combined with a floating cutting elements that adapts to your face and delivers a maximum shaving experience. The flex is designed in a way that follows the contours of the face.

Clean & Renew System

The Braun has had to research for many years on cleaning system, with these experience they introduced a fantastic ideas when designing this series cleaning system. They introduced a four way clean and renew system which is completely automatic and much easy to use. If you want to clean this shaver simply touch and press a button called the fast cleaning system. It functions not to only clean but also charges, lubricates and dries your entire shaver within a given period of 25 seconds which put the shaver in top condition for use next time. It possess a catridge which can be renewed by refilling it to make it looks like a new shaver.

Battery Life

The Braun series 7 is engineered with a strong lasting battery that can power the shaver for up to at least 50 minutes when fully charged for an hour.

Precision Trimmer

The shaver is designed with a precision trimmer to style and shape difficult areas like the moustache and side burns areas. If you are the type that like to keep your moustache intact well you can trim and style your hair to your preference with ease.

The Pros
  • It makes cleaning the shaver very easy and to refill the catrigde is simply easy and fast. when placed in the cleaning unit it automatically charges itself and cleans up.
  • The powerful lithium-ion battery life is pretty a long lasting one which seems to be one of the core features that drawn the attention of people to the product in the first place.
  • The Braun shaver is also designed with top quality material which fulfils the expectations you would expect from a German produced product.
  • The Braun 760cc shaver is an excellent device which cannot afford to give you anything less than a comfortable shave daily and prevents skin irritation as this is a major concern for the people which seems to be the problem with cheap products.
The Cons
  • The shaver cleaning system is actually quite loud which can disturb housemates at night.
  • The shaver has a very high vibrations.

The Final Verdict                                              

Well if you are looking for a foil shaver to give the close, wet&dry, smooth and comfortable shave, I think the Braun series 7 760cc is the perfect option. You don’t have to be worried about the price as it comes cheaper than expected when you know so many excellent functions.

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