Braun Series 5 5090cc Cordless Shaver Review

If you are the type that like a cordless shaver then the Braun series 5 5090cc is exactly what you need to deliver the best experience your looking for. It has some quite exciting features you would hope for, it includes. The Braun Series 5 5090cc is designed with a new Flex Motion Tec which allows the user to shave with ease and not put too much pressure on the skin, it makes the electric shaver to be adapted more than any other shaver. The design allows the owner to shave without much pressure giving that the shaver has a facial adaptation that delivers a smooth, comfortable shave.
braun series 5 5090cc

Travel Case

When you purchase the Braun 5090cc it comes with a travel case just in case you are   the type that travels a lot and you can’t do without shaving in few days well, the cordless shaver is designed with a travel case, it is necessary for your travels to prevent any case of the device dropping during travels. The case has a hard shell preventing the shaver from dropping.

The case is designed to contain only the shaver so you have to pack the charging cord separately when travelling. We also review the best three travel electric shavers for you.

Charging and Cleaning Station

It is simply designed with a station responsible for the cleaning of the device while at the same time charges the device. The station in my own view is second to none. It charges and cleans the shaver at the same time to give the user an easier maintenance. The station also boast a lubrication action which helps keep the razor sharp as always and ready to use. It eliminates all bacteria and different germs using the alcohol based solution which I think is rather a better idea than running water over the head.

The station bears similar resemblance with the Braun series 9.

Cleaning Cassette

The Braun series unlike most electric shaver brands that are not alcohol based, it uses an alcohol based catridge which is used for cleaning.

Obviously the use of alcohol for cleaning of the device gives it a nearly perfect clean, but what obviously has advantages will surely have few flaws or disadvantages which is the case with the alcohol based system

Alcohol generally are classified hazardous material by postal services that ship alcohol by air. Which prompt them to duly charge a fee for material handling of the substance. It may not be as much expensive though, so you should consider it before shipping your products from abroad.

Charging system

This shaver is designed with a coiled cord. The device unlike other brand is simply made with a coiled cord which makes the device unique.

Cleaning Brush

The shaver is designed with a cleaning brush which is used to pick hair that are stuck in the shaver and to help the cleaning station.


The Braun electric shaver is designed with a new power drive which power up at least 20 percent extra power of high-speed shaving even for the toughest beards. The shaver uses a powerful lithium-ion battery which powers up 45 minutes of cordless use after a full charge of 60 minutes. It also includes a 5 minute quick charge feature which gives you enough time to finish your shavings.

Battery life

The impressive design features a powerful long lasting lithium-ion battery which powers up the shaver for at least 45 minutes of cordless use after a 60 minute charge. The shaver also includes a 5 minute rapid charge designed to give you a quick shave. If you need to complete your shaving early in the morning, try the 5 minute rapid charge to give you a fast short shave enough to get rid of your facial hair.


The Braun 5090cc is designed with a battery indicator and back up incase of emergencies.

  • MicroMotion

The shavers pivot head is designed with individual suspension of different cutting elements to efficiently navigates along smaller, larger contours for maximum skin contact.

  • UltraActiveLift

The cordless shaver is designed to effortlessly capture hair problem most usually in the neck and chin area.

  • CrossHair Blades

The shaver is effectively designed to produce outstanding closeness that lasts longer.

  • New PowerDrive

The shaver is especially designed to capture stubborn hairs which are growing in different directions and even the shortest stubble for a close experience that lasts longer.

  • Power Button

The button is mainly used either to turn the device on or off or to activate a travel lock on the device, which automatically locks the device so that it won’t be turned on mistakenly.


  • Instruction Manual

The Braun Series 5 have set out their manual to be rather confusing, as most would expect that the manual should be simple and understandable instead the cordless shaver manual is made with models of the series that are not readily available.

  • Short Cord

The shaver has a short cord. People may want to overlook the product because of its short cord while it seems to make no noticeable difference to some buyer.

The Final Verdict

To be honest you will hardly find a flaw in the design of this unique cordless shaver, but you will find it is also a wonderful product for your shave.

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