Braun Series 3 3040S Men’s Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Review

The Braun 3040s is one of the best electric shaver for men. The Shaver is the best wet and dry electric shaver you could possibly get for close, smooth and comfortable shave.

Triple Action Cutting System

The shaver is designed with a triple action cutting system in which the floating elements easily adapts to the curves of the face. It is used in cutting both long and short hairs.

electric shaver for men Braun 3040s

Micro-Comb Technology

This is no doubt of one the best electric shaver for men. For a great experience and performance hair are been feed more into the cutting parts on 3-day beards to reduce shaving rash.


The best electric shaver for men as expected uses an optimised foil which cut hair easily and effectively for an impressive smooth skin.

Wet & Dry Use

The Braun series 3 3040s is one of the best wet and dry electric shaver. It was designed for wet and dry shaving. If you like to enjoy a refreshing shave under the shower with cream or gel and you can opt for a dry shave to save time.


The shaver is designed with the ability to be used wet, it is 100% waterproof. It can be submerged for up to at least 5 meters without having any drastic effect on the shaver. The shaver can be rinsed under running water.


The shaver is designed with an ergonomic grip which makes the shaver easy to handle when under the shower, the rubber sized grip zone allows it to be easily handled under running water to avoid slip off.

Battery Life

The Braun Series 3 3040s electric shaver is designed with a battery that charges up to at least an hour, though the charging is fast but different customer have highlighted the fact that the initial charge last more than an hour. The shaver uses a run time of 45 minutes once it is fully charged. It powers a rapid 5 minute charge which is enough for a quick shave, just if you need to quickly complete your shave. The shaver can last for days depending on how frequently you shave and the time you use when shaving. It features a powerful 3 level LED display which indicates the status of the battery to let you know how much time you have left.

Cleaning and Care

The Braun series is a rather easy device to clean up, since the shaver allows wet use, it can easily be rinsed under running water to clean the device. The device uses a cleaning brush which can be used to scrub off the attached hair, you can opt to use either a foam or gel to get the job done very fast so as to save time. The shaver is also well arranged in case you are planning to travel and you need to carry it along with you, the build is well designed to avoid any risk of damage.


  • Sensitive Skin

The shaver is a fantastic option for men who have sensitive skin. The blades are designed to be gentle with the skin. It is good choice of shaver for people with razor bumps and burns as the blade can be used wet with cream or gel to give you a great result. I also recommend you Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Review 7300 which is also best razor for sensitive skin.

  • Short Shaving Time

The Braun 3040s shavers are engineered with an innovative design known as Micro Comb Technology. This comb-like structure is used pack the hair and lead them inside the shaving component. It is used to cut hair of different size whether it is 3 or a day beard, it get rid of everything at once. This technology make it easier and much faster to get rid of hair all at once.

  • Close Shaves

If you think the only way to get a close shave that will get rid of longer facial hairs at once is by using only manual, well you would be shocked to know that Braun 3040s has been efficiently designed to get you a close shave, while also avoiding bumps and burns. It also uses a Micro Adaptation technology that allows it to follow the curves of the face and adapt to different curves.

  • Easy Cleaning

The shaver is designed is a simple way which allows for an easy cleaning. The cleaning brush is used to scrub the part attached with hair particles and it can simply be rinsed under a running water after use as well.

The shaver is engineered with top quality shaving blades, a durable replacement for cutting, makes less noise when in use and to top it all it is not expensive to get.


  • The shaver have some noticeable flaws in hair trimmer, It only works best for a day or two beard shaving as it does not shaves longer hair better.
  • It does not include a travel pouch in case you want to travel and take it along. There is no lubricant included as well.

The Final Verdict

It’s absolutely one of the best wet and dry electric shaver you can get at such an inexpensive price.


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