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Someday, a friend of mine asked me which travel shaver I recommended him to shave on his trip. As a matter of fact, travel electric razor is becoming an important role for men. Then, the question is coming, men were on their business trips, they need handsome and confident appearance, how did they do? Fortunately, there are many portable and popular electric razors for travel on the market.

According to the power source for the shaver, we will tell you there are two types of travel electric shaver: one is with AA battery. The other one is with rechargeable battery, it also can be recharged by USB port. Here I want to introduce you some knowledge about AA battery and rechargeable battery. The travel shaver by AA battery power supplied is very convenient for trips, the reason is that it doesn’t need any electricity to recharge itself. However, rechargeable battery travel razor is bulkier than AA battery, excepting USB rechargeable battery. All in one word, I recommend you three types, these small or mini electric shavers for men can help you on your trips.

Braun M90 Mobile Travel Shaver

Braun M90 Mobile Travel Shaver
Braun M90, we call it mobile shaver. You can take it like your mobile phone. It’s a small electric razor from Braun. There are many amazing functions for you. Let’s me introduce you the whole features, cons and pros.

Practical floating foil and trimmer

The foil is wide floating that can provide you a close and comfortable shave, I have Braun M90. When I use it first time, I feel the blades are sharpness, it’s easy to get a clean shave by this small electric razor. The long hair trimmer is also small, you can push it out from M90 body.

Although the trimmer is small, but it’s precise, you can trim your sideburns and mustache easily.

Washable travel shaver

M90 is an washable travel electric shaver, you can use running water to rush the shaver head when you finish your shave, but I don’t recommend you wash it all of body. I think washable that means you can clean it by water only for head. You can’t use it in the shower. By the way, it has a small brush to help you clean the head of shaver.

AA battery and twist cap

The power source of M90 is two AA batteries ( each one, the voltage is 1.5V ) , you can take it anywhere. You just use battery, it’s convenient for your travel trip. Twist cap can protect your shaver foil, when you don’t use it, you just twist cap and put it in your bag.

These are the features and let’s take a look the pros and cons.

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1.Inexpensive travel electric shaver

The price of M90 is not expensive, that means you pay low price get a high cost-efficiency shaver.

2.Convenient for travel

When you don’t use it, you twist the protection cap. It’s flat, so you take it like a mobile phone. It’s so convenient.

3.High quality

I think the material of it is good, so the quality is high. You can use it for a long time.


1.A little noise

When I use it, I found it’s a little noise from the head. Maybe this is not perfect for it.

The Final Verdict

All in all, if you like AA battery as power source, M90 is a good small electric razor for you. More details from Amazon


Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver

Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver
Panasonic ES3831K is also a good travel electric shaver. The weight of it is less than six ounces, so you can take it easily. It’s also a small electric razor. I will provide you the most important features for you, pros and cons.

Floating head with precise blade

ES3831K is working by a single-blade, which is precise. 78 degree angle blade, a fast motor with 8500 rpm ( round per minute ), they can supply you a smooth and rapid shave. The floating head can trace your facial contours easily. The material of blades is stainless steel, it’s sharpness and


Wet and dry shaver, clean shaver by water

You can use this shaver by wet or dry mode. The Panasonic manufacturer says it can be used in the shower, you can shave with gel and foam by wet mode, and if you are in hurry, you also shave by dry mode. When you want clean it, you can rinse it by running water.

Best design for travel

Due to the material, the weight is less than six ounce, it’s convenient for you to take it on your trip. The power driver is two AA batteries. It attached with a brush to help you clean the head of your travel electric razor.

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1.Rapid and power motor

ES3831K has a rapid motor to improve the efficiency of your shave, the power of shaver is strong, although the power source is only two batteries.

2.Support wet or dry mode

For travel shaver, it can be used in two modes, it’s an excellent function, and if you want, you can shave in the shower with it.


1.Not flat body

It’s not like Braun M90 shaver, that is flat when you don’t use. Maybe you take it which isn’t like a mobile phone.

2.No long hairs trimmer

ES3831K don’t have long hairs trimmer to help you trim your sideburns and mustache.

The Final Verdict

This travel shave is cheap, although it don’t have long hairs trimmer, but another functions are practical, so I recommend you. More details from Amazon


Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver

Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver
Shavetech is a USB rechargeable travel electric razor, it’s only one with USB as power recharging I have recommended you. Let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons.

Small electric razor

The product dimensions is 4 x 0.5 x 2.2 inches, 12 ounces. It is even smaller than your smart-phone which is mini electric razor. You don’t take a long USB cable, it attaches a USB connector that is retractable. You take it easily, you can put it in your pocket likes your phone.

Sharpness blades and easy maintenance

The blades of the mini electric shaver are sharpness, and it features fast vibration, it provides you a smooth, rapid and close shave. You can clean it with a brush, that is attached. You had better not use running water to clean it.

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1.USB rechargeable

You can take it anywhere, you don’t worry if it don’t have power, you can recharge it by your computer or laptop USB port.

2.Mini electric shaver

I have mentioned you the dimensions, it’s mini, you can take it anywhere. It’s not taking up to the room of your luggage.


1.Only dry mode

You can’t use it with wet shave, and don’t clean it by running water. Maybe it’s not suitable for men who want wet shave.

2.Long recharging time

The first time you should charge it with 12 hours, after that, you should recharge it for 4 hours, and you use 30 minutes. I think it’s not long compared to AA battery travel electric shaver.

The Final verdict

This shave is unique, it’s only recharging by USB port, so I recommend you. More details from Amazon

These three small electric shavers for men I recommend you as shaver guides and tips, they has their unique features that service your need. I hope you can find your best one.

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