Best Electric Shaver for Men Reviews Braun Series 3 340s

Braun series 3 340s wet and dry electric shaver has triple-action function, it can supply you wet and dry modes. It’s convenient to you. Compare to the Braun series 7 790cc electric shaver, this one may be an economical shaver for the people who don’t have enough budget. It doesn’t have Pulsonic technology and automatic clean system. But, I don’t think this shaver is not good. On the opposite, this shaver is cost-effective. In this electric shaver review, I will tell you the main features about this electric  shaver, pros and cons. Braun series 3 340s electric shaver has economical features, that are practical for shavers. A lot of men buy this type on the market. Why I pick it as best electric shaver for men? Let me open the answer to a riddle for it.

Wet & dry, 100% Waterproof electric shaver

Braun 340s electric shaver can support you shave with wet or dry mode. When you choose a wet way, you can use some foams and gels to improve the effect of shave. The manufacture says it is designed by fully-sealed body, so you can shave in the shower. 100% waterproof can help you save your time to clean it, you just use running water. If you want choose dry way, it also can work.

SensoFoil, special cutting system, precision trimmer

Braun series 3 340s electric shaver has SensoFoil technology which can make the foil help blades cut more hair in every stroke. This feature is high efficient for shaving. There are three special cutting units, they can help you shave long hair more easily. Then after you shave, you can use another feature which is precise trimmer. This trimmer is attached with the shaver by special design. It can shave your beard, moustache and sideburns easily. I like this small trimmer.

Beautiful LED display, smart-plug system

Braun series 3 340s electric shaver has a beautiful LED display to tell you the information. You can easily check how much energy it has and what the charging status is. The battery is Ni-MH, that is powerful and rechargeable. You can charge it with worldwide voltage which is from 100V, 50Hz to 240V,60Hz. You can take it to all of the country.

These are the main features about Braun 340s shaver. Now, it’s time to check the pros and cons.

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  • Wet or dry way, waterproof

I like this shaver that can shave by wet or dry way, this is convenient for your life. 100% waterproof is also excellent, it is fully sealed body, it is for lazy people when you want clean your shaver, you just wash it absolutely with water.

  • High cost-efficient shaver

The price of Braun 340s shaver is high cost-efficient. Because the performance of it is high, but the price is good. You can afford to buy it from Amazon.

  • Quiet and close

According to the user’s feedback, this shaver is quieter and closer than other foil electric shaver. This is why I tell you it’s worthy for its price.


  • No more new technology

It doesn’t have OptiFoil, ActiveLift and Pulsonic technology. As a matter of fact, Braun 3 personalization modes function is amazing for you. These technologies are practical and useful. If you want know more them, you can check my review about Braun 790cc.

  • No travel pouch, lockable head

Although the voltage of this shaver is worldwide, you can take it all of the world. But it don’t have travel pouch and lockable head to protect your shaver on your trip.

Final Verdict

This shaver is excellent, I think it’s best electric shaver for men, you should have it. The price is fine on Amazon, I recommend you because the high ratings and reviews from Amazon e-market. More reviews from Amazon

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