5 o’clock Shadow Electric Razor Philips Norelco S738/82

We call Philips Norelco S738/82 as 5 o’clock shadow electric razor, which is an impressively designed shaver with a lot outstanding features, aimed to bring you the best shaving experience. Let’s learn all features about it.

Philips Norelco S738/82


Shave, Style and Groom

This electric razor gives you three in one device feature, it allows you to shave your hair neatly without any form of cut, it also lets you style and groom the hair with 2 unique heads that cuts the hair on your skin smoothly and 3 interchangeable attachments. The style allows you to style with a great precision. It has 5 different length settings that you can choose to give you an inch perfect 5 o’clock shadow, a faultless beard or moustache. The body-groom has 3 combs with a rounded tip for different length of body hair and prevents skin irritation. It is used in trimming and shaving. The head has rounded edge that gives you a clean and comfortable shave.

Battery Life

The 5 o’clock shadow electric razor is designed with a powerful and strong nickel metal hydride battery to power up 40 minutes of available shaving time, however you just need an hour of charging time. The rechargeable battery provides a cordless power after charging to give you long-lasting shaving that you deserve. It also has a 5 minute quick charge in case you need to complete your shaving in just few minutes it gives you the chance to access the option of 5 minutes charge.

Charging and Shaving

This Norelco series is manufactured with an advance process in the sense that the shaver is accessible and can be used while it is being plugged in an outlet or not. You may need to shave early in the morning or in a rush to get to work in time and don’t have the luxury of waiting for the shaver to charge fully before you shave well. This series makes charging and shaving at the same time possible, while you can use it when charging.

Wet or Dry Use

The S738/82 electric razor performs a dual function, it can be used for a dry shaving and also works well when used wet. If you are the type that likes to do more than one things at a time well you certainly can use the shaver under a shower or wet. With the click a style trimmer you can style or trim your hair by using the shaver wet, with or without gel, foam and also use it in a dry shave.

Smart Click System

The smart click system provides you the option to choose any attachment you want to give you the perfect style you so desire. It gives you the opportunity to turn your smart click, style into a beard or moustache trimmer, shaver or body-groom. The system gives you freedom to choose which attachment you wish to use to give you the excellent shave you want.

Cleaning Brush

The Norelco S738/82 also comes with a cleaning brush to help the cleaning station. The shaver is manufactured to include a brush which is used to facilitate the work of the cleaning mode.

It has a pouch which makes it easy to take the shaver with you during your travels. This is suit for who are the type that travels for meetings, work or other things

This type shaver also include different other components like the power cord, protection cap etc.


  • You don’t need to be worried about power failure or problem with the voltage of light you are using as the shaver is designed to adapt to any voltage capacity.
  • You don’t need to be concerned about the oiling of the trimming blades as it does not need to be oiled.
  • This shaver provides you with a close shave especially around areas like the neck and chin.
  • The shaver unlike the other can be used while charging, it can be used in a dry shave while charging the shaver due to the advance technology of direct power capability.
  • The body-groom attachment and the handle are water-resistant.
  • It has a protection cap which is used to cover up the razor when not in use for safety issues.
  • The shaving moves in 3 different directions to follow the contours of your face for a smooth and comfortable shave.
  • The shaver has rounded shape tips which are designed to prevent skin irritation because of the sensitive skin type of people.


  • The shaving blades needs to be changed or replaced by a new shaving blade every 12 months.
  • When you are through with shaving you can easily place the shaving head under the faucet.
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The Final Verdict

When you want to buy a 5 o’clock shadow electric razor, S738/82 is also your first choice, you certainly know the price is just a little high, but not because the brand just makes their shaver to be expensive, but rather due to fact that they are confident of the quality of the shaver they designed. If you want a comfortable shaver with a clean and satisfying experience you had better be ready to pay handsomely for it. Check the latest price from Amazon 5 o’clock shadow electric razor

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