The Best Electric Razor Buying Guide 2018

Our best electric shaver reviews are in-depth, there are many kinds of electric shavers and brands at the moment. Factually speaking, It’s hard to find the right one by yourselves. Your request may include to suit your personal preferences, specific skin type and facial hair. If you have no idea how to pick your shaver, here is right. Our work is to help you find the best one. The whole knowledge about the electric shavers and beard trimmers we will give you.

electric shaver review and guides

A great electric razor also like men’s companion going anywhere with you. They are sure your confident appearance to finish an excellent work. There are a lot of important factors that include shaving performance, ease of cleaning, the closest shaving, wet or dry use feature, etc. We are going to update in time for every production we recommended. Then, please you contact us when you find something wrong. Finding your electric shaver on the internet, you will feel many questions from it. For example, how to get a perfect clean shave? which one you can shave in the shower? Or waterproof electric razor? Which type should I select, a foil or a rotary shaver? Which one is the closest shaver? These questions we will reply you, we are waiting for your comment all the time.

Our Quick Pick

We have done a lot of research and testing, there are top rated electric shaver reviews for the most men. We recommend you three types of the best travel electric shaver. They are health tools for your grooming job on a trip. The wonderful foil electric shaver is Braun shaver 790cc and rotary shaver is Phillips Norelco 9700, which you had better read.

Table Of Contents

Electric Shaver Comparison Table

  • High-end Comparison

High-end electric shavers are advanced, especially for the performance. You may can get a premium activation to get them. I need say, high quality and technology electric shavers can give you an excellent and impression shave, you will enjoy with them.

Electric ShaverBraun Series 9 9090cc
braun series 9090cc foil shaver
Philips Norelco Shaver 9700

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4
Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet and Dry Shaver
TypeFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & WetRotary Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & Wet
Cleaning StationYesYesYes
Features4 Unique Shaving Head
Flat Lying Hairs
Close Shave
V Track Precision Blades
Very Close Shave
Sensitive Skin
The Jaw Line, Neck and Head
An Acute 30° Cutting Edge
A High-Performance Linear Motor
ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth Reviews
  • Mid-range Comparison

This is a comparison table that is talking about mid-range electric shaver, according to this table, you will get a quick knowledge about them.

Electric ShaversBraun Series 7 790cc
top electric shaver review 790cc
Philips Norelco 8900
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 Review
Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5
Panasonic ES-LV-81-K men's electric razor
TypeFoil Electric Shaver, Dry
Rotary Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & Wet
Cleaning StationYes YesYes
FeaturesMore than 10,000 Micro-Vibrations
Capture More Hair and Cut Deeply
V-Track Precision
8 Different Directions
Sensitive Skin
Multi Flex Pivoting Head
Nanotech Blades
Linear Motor
ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth Reviews
  • Entry-level Comparison

Not everyone has enough budget to buy an electric shaver, entry-level one is the best choice. This is talking about the electric shaver which you can afford.

Electric ShaversBraun Series 3 340S
electric shaver for man Braun 340s
Philips Norelco shaver 6100

Phillips electric razor 6100
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4
Remington F5 5800
remington electric shaver f5 5800
TypeFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & WetRotary Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & WetFoil Electric Shaver, Dry & Wet
Cleaning StationNoNoNoNo
Cut More Hair in Every Stroke
Precise Trimmer
Comfortably Shaves
Close, Precise and Smooth
The Sideburn Trimmer
Strong and Healthy Blades
Pivoting Head
Super Performance Linear Motor
Corded and Cordless
Beautiful Price
Intercept Shaving Technology
ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth ReviewsDepth Reviews

Why You Need To Shave

The role of the male hormone makes men’s beards grow after puberty time. The reproductive function is stronger, the beards grow faster. The region of the long beard’s vessel is more than the root of the hair, getting the nutrition easier. This is the reason why the beards are so quick coming out, you shave this day, but they are coming out in next day. Medical specialist think we should shave our beards in time, not waiting them get to be longer. The long beards are harmful for our health. Because the beards can adsorb some harmful matter features.

Some men like smoking, but there are lots of cancerogenic substance from the gas of the smoke. When people is taking a breath, then we can discharge multi harmful chemical gas, they can be adsorbed easily by our beards. They are dangerous for your health. The air includes multiple heavy metal particle, especially in the prosperous street, the lead discharged by the auto also can be adsorbed by our breads. The skin of the long beards can secreted more grease, but you can not clear it up absolutely every day, we all know the grease can paste a lot of dust from the air. The best way to reduce harm is shaving your beard in time.

What is An Electric Shaver

Inside a Foil Electric Shaver Diagram

The structure of foil electric shaver, source from:

The question is mentioned by most consumers. They consist of stainless steel net, blade, micro motor and the shells. Net is fixed outside the blade, it has many hole, beard can be stretched into the hole by you. Blade rotated in a micro motor by a power drive, using the shear principle, will cut off the beard from the hole. The history: The world first electric shaver was patented by the U.S.A Col.Jacob Schick in 1928. It was developed further by the Remington Rand Co.,Ltd, he had produced the first one in 1937. Prof.Alexandre Horowitz had created and invented a new concept of the rotary shaver in Philips Laboratory.

How Does It Work

the structure of rotary electric shaver

The structure of rotary electric shaver, source from:

Electric shaver is used by micro motor to do the relative motion between moving blades to fixed blades, cutting the beard and hair off from the mesh. The inosculation precise plays an important role between moving blades to fixed blades, which decides the shaving quality. So the spherical radian of moving blades must match to fixed blades. At the same time, they should have 1mm pressure distance and accuracy shear angle. If the pressure distance is short, it get be weak sharpness and has the unhairing sense. On the contrary, if it is too long, more powerful energy consumption would be made. The blades wear seriously, and also send sharp abnormal noise out.

Fixed blades are applied by mesh. Different manufactures have different reticular patterns. But they all can keep a constant shear angle between two blades, and make a high rate between the beard and hair pass through the mesh. The production process of fixed blades is different. They are applied by electroforming, tensile and grinding, stamping and milling process are on the opposite of the former. Moving blades on the move tool rest are uniform distribution, it must be stability to keep the rotation balance, and be matched suitable rotation speed. Whatever the quantity of the moving blade has, it would get the strong sharpness for shaving. At last, electric shavers can get a great status to service us.

Here, we want to mention you what’s the difference of the same series? For example, Braun Series 9 electric razors are in the same series, although they have the same brand, but they have different functions and features. You don’t worry about that. Now, you can start to pick your own one. You can learn more knowledge from razor.

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

There are three basements that are your guide. After them, you can pick base on the performance of the shaver.

Foil or Rotary Type: based on your beard

If you have dense beard and need shave every day life, we recommend you pick the foil shaver. You can check great seller Braun series 7 790cc from Amazonbest electric shaverit’s an excellent one. Also you have sparse beard and do not shave with high frequently, we suggest you use rotary type. It has a large shaving area, more fast and quiet, typical type is Philips Norelco 9300. For me, I have used one small travel rotary shaver and foil shaver. The opinion is absolutely personal, I like use foil shaver by dry method. Sometimes, I shaved when I finish wash my face with facial cleaner while waiting to be dry. This way is good for me, I can shave cleanly and comfortably.

However, there are some experiences for you by people. You can read foil vs rotary article to get more. At the end, if you have very dense and long beard, but you only want use the rotary type. We think you have better pick three or four heads.

Waterproof, Wet or Dry Shaver

Some mеn want uѕе еlесtrіс shavers in thе ѕhоwеr tо save time. Of course, іf уоu hаvе ѕеnѕіtіvе ѕkіn, you might lіkе tо uѕе your electric shaver with gеlѕ оr ѕhаvіng сrеаm. You do need bе саrеful while сhооѕіng a wеt and drу one. Nоt every model allows use gеlѕ оr ѕhаvіng creams. Generally speaking, when you pick wet one, the 100% waterproof feature you must apply. And the cordless shaver that can not operate with plugged in, this is for safety purpose when you shave in the shower. By the way, you had better pick a good quality, glycerin shaving cream.

Dry shaver is convenient for you. Typically, Braun series 7 790cc, it is only use by dry mode. You just shave directly. I give you a tip, when you choose dry method, you can wash your face cleanly, after your face has been smooth, you can shave very easily by dry way.

Corded or Cordless shaver

Some men will be confused with this question. Actually, it is easy for you to decide. Based on your request, when you want shave in the shower, the cordless shaver you should use. It is safe and convenient for you. In recent year, many brands have designed by cordless type, the battery power can help engineers. The life of battery is a big problem, they will reduce as the time going. The producers supply us 12 to 18 months for battery life. This is not meaning you must change your battery once the time is up. It is just short time shave by one charge. However, the corded electric shaver has large advantage in power supply. You can shave for long time and the price is also cheaper than cordless one.


High-tech Closeness and Automation Cleanness

This is an important section. Men who Buу electric rаzоrѕ want to shave more efficient. The famous brand like Braun, Philips, Panasonic have many high-tech design to finish this target. At first, I do not think they can do it, but when I use one Philips rotary shaver named 9300, I make a mistake. Philips engineers has applied V trace blades, Panasonic has designed with linear motor for more speed, and 4 unique shaving head has been designed by Braun. All technology have their advantages, which one you pick? You need learn more and get to know your need. They all have automation clean and charge station by one click, but they are applied in advanced series. The price is also expensive, you can pick based on your budget.

Pick Yourselves: base on your habit

Men who usually traveled on business, you should choose the dry cell or rechargeable batteries type, you don’t feel embarrassed for shaving because of no electricity.

If you usually drive cars, you have better choose automotive shaver. You can charge your electric shaver by auto power supply. It is easy, fashion and convenience.

We recommend you choose rechargeable plug-in type which includes plug-and-play shavers, if you are used to shave at home.

You have better pick the handle of the electric shaver which have anti-slide design, dry-and-wet functions, if you like take a bath while shaving habits. Braun Water Flex may be your best choice.

We suggest you select the rotary shavers, if you like even more quiet electric shaver.

Sensitive Skin and Safe: base on your health

Don’t think men’s skin must be solid, if you don’t pay attention to the details, it also can cause skin problems. Especially those sensitive skin, a bit inadvertent, will cause a large area skin irritation, redness and swelling. Although the electric shaver can massage your mouth and cheek area, but a few men can finish use, they feel a little itch around the mouth area skin, the reason is nickel. The nickel is only for sensitive skin. If you do not be fit for it, you have better stop use, and wash your skin with the pure water.

Unlіkе manual ѕtrаіght shavers, the cutter of electric types could not be necessitate directly соntасt on your  facial ѕkіn. A mеtаl mesh covers blades to avoid the cutting tension.

Don’t be in the bath before shaving. Your skin isn’t ready for this change. It’s possible to effect burning sensation and to make your beard to be in growth after shaving. Don’t shave before you do sport, because the perspiration will irritate your skin where you just finish shave. Don’t borrow other men’s electric razor, vice versa, you don’t borrow your electric razor to other men. This is safety for your health. Don’t use too old blade, keep the electric razor to be sharp is also important to help you. The razor blades we should replace in time, the electric razor for man is also important.

According to the viewpoint of behavioral medicine, it’s not necessary to use moisturizing perfume after shaving. But, the ingredient of them can help your face glowing with better health. But you had better not to use perfume that includes ethyl alcohol and witch hazel extract. As it may infect your skin, if you want use moisturizing perfume, you should check the ingredient at first. And you also should confirm these perfume that is special for face after shaving.

Quality and Price Determination

When you purchase the electric shaver, you should pay more attention to observe its appearance, no bubble, obvious defects such as shrinkage shape. Electroforming mesh( also know as fixed blades) is an important part for electric shavers, it can not have crack and deformation, and the blade edge must be sharpness, which determine the electric shaver for a long service life.

According to the different methods of the power supply, we turn on the electric shaver and observe the running status, which is low noise, smooth and harmony sound, this type is a good quality. Whatever you did, you should remember your electric shaver must have a high quality. The slot of the blades should be simple and easy to clean.

Let us turn on and off the electric shaver for some times, then judge it have a good connection. If your pick have an external power plug, we also try to check and test the reliable connection.

How to Use An Electric Razor

Using an electric razor, after years of pestering men with questions like which type of razor is best for shaving. Most people have come to the conclusion that the traditional blade is more efficient and provides an irritation free shaving experience. However the minority who support and like shaving with a buzzer have their own reason. Whatever the preference, here’s all about how to
Using an Electric Razor

use an Electric Razor. It is your first time use that could be an issue. If that’s the case keep the following in mind:

  • Before Shaving:

Start off by washing your face with warm water and using a shaving cream for improved results. The shaving cream helps to lubricate the skin that allows the electric shaver to glide with ease. Some people use electric shavers in the shower and in some cases that may lead to short circuit. Ask the shopkeeper to provide a suitable one according to your personal need.

  • During Shaving:

Make sure to move the electric razor in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Even if you miss some hair, please don’t use the shaver over and over again consistently. This will certainly lead to skin irritation and may be cut on the skin. Make sure to use both hands while shaving. The free hand should always be used to pull the skin taut. If you are using a rotary shaver, make sure to move the shaver in a circular motion which will help clear more hair. But if using a foil electric shaver, you should move up and down.

  • After Shaving:

After shaving by an electric razor, you had better apply an aftershave lotion that will help close the pores. It can reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. The most significant element of these aftershave lotions is alcohol which may cause stinging. If a person has oily skin, a moisturizer should be used. Ask an expert to find you the lotion.

  • Cleaning the electric shaver:

Keeping the shaver clean will go a long way in increasing the life span of the razor. Special cleaning sprays are available in the market which helps to do so. For proper cleanliness and hygiene, the electric razor should be cleaned every time after use.

Here’s the list of pros and cons of using an electric Razor:


  • Good quality electric razors will glide smoothly over the skin.
  • They are the best for people with light growth and regrowth.
  • They are suitable for travel as they don’t have the risk of a blade razor.
  • It requires much less time by an electric razor.
  • It does not require any additional cartridges.


  • Electric razor often leaves behind small patches of hair in hard to reach places.
  • Use of an electric razor encourages rashes and dries the skin.

So a person needs to choose wisely while selecting his shaving razor and certainly should pay attention to the above guide while shaving with an electric razor.

What You Can Do After You Buy An Electric Shaver

There are many brands such as Braun, Philips, Panasonic, Remington. They have their own technology, the same rule is that they all supply you thirty to sixty days money back guarantees. Depending on this rule, we recommend you test your new electric razor for high performance status before the time is up. If you find it’s not your best electric razor, please don’t be afraid to refund from your seller.

Electric Razor Power Tips

What is the charge, plug, dry cell?
There are four kinds of power supplies for electric shavers: Plug-in, wireless plug-in of the dual-use type, rechargeable battery, and dry cell. Generally speaking, the price of the plug-in and rechargeable battery type are more expensive than the dry cell type, they are usable for many use. When you apply dry cell power supply, we suggest you use high-energy alkaline batteries, so you can extend the life of the micro motor. On the other hand, dry cell types are convenient for you on business trip.

Plug-in type: As long as there is a convenient outlet for you.

Wireless plug-in of the dual-use type: When there is enough energy, you don’t need use plug-in until it is used up. Then you use plug-in and be direct to shave.

Rechargeable batteries type: After you finished charge, then you use, no electricity energy, no use.

Dry cell type: You use high-energy alkaline batteries to drive the DC micro motor and shave.

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